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Flying Trapeze Intensive with Swinging!

Girl with long curly hair holding onto a swinging trapeze bar in a split position - Flying Trapeze Intensive

Our Flying Trapeze Intensive with Swinging is taking place on August 24th and 25th, 2024! If you have a passion for Flying Trapeze and Swinging Aerial Disciplines, then this exclusive 2-day intensive course is for you!

Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze Intensive – What You’ll Learn

Flying Trapeze Class: Each day kicks off at 9 am with a comprehensive warm-up, ready for an intensive 2-hour Flying Trapeze sessions led by our experienced Flying trapeze Expert Mike Wright! We will go through fundamentals of flying and work our way up to tricks to catch. With a class size of only 6 there will be plenty of time to personalise the tricks you want to train, receive feedback and get the chance to improve!

Swinging Disciplines: After a lunch break, participants will split into two groups and take part in sessions of Swinging Trapeze (solo or doubles) and Cloud Swing. These groups will be split based on ability and the class size of just 3 people means your learning experience can be tailored to your skills and what you want to learn!

Comprehensive Training: As well as the core sessions, we can take you through the process of putting up the net and conducting rigging safety checks. You can never be too careful with safety and the more people who are aware of what safe means, the better!

Girl with long curly hair holding onto a swinging trapeze bar in a split position - Flying Trapeze Intensive

Early Bird Offers: Secure your spot and enjoy exclusive pricing options:

  • Super Early Bird Price: £250 – Sign up for our newsletter to access the super early bird registration password available from May 1st for two weeks.
  • Early Bird Price: £275 – Book on or before May 31st, with the code EARLYBIRD24 (available from May 15th).
  • Regular Price: £300 – from June 1st onwards.

Remember – you need the password from our newsletter to book onto the Flying Trapeze Intensive before 15th May!

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