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Flying Trapeze: Which class is right for me?

Want to give flying trapeze a go? Unsure which session may suit you? Well this post should give you all the answers you need!

Beginners Flying Trapeze

Our beginners flying trapeze taster sessions are open to everyone over the age of 8. No experience in flying trapeze or any aerial discipline required. These sessions will be fully supported by our staff, with a thorough warm-up. We will work on form and technique on a static trapeze to understand the movements before climbing to the platform!

Before you climb the ladder we will put you in a safety belt and attach you to a safety line to ease any nerves of climbing to the platform for the first time. Once on the platform our team will help you into the correct position and attach the lunge lines that will keep you safe during your swing. The taster session will focus mainly on your basic swing and make sure your technique is good in order to progress to tricks later on. 

Improvers Classes

Our improvers sessions are more focused towards more experienced flyers. This if for people who can leave the board with minimal support and have already got a good understanding and technique around the basic swing. Intermediate flyers will have some tricks in their repertoire and will be comfortable swinging out of lines.

They may have experience going to a catcher and returning to the board . We also welcome more experienced participants, all teaching is individually delivered despite working as a group.

Please see here for more information and find our booking platform here with class dates and details.

If you are still unsure and would like additional clarification with regards to your specific experience, please email us on

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