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You can buy one of our custom made trapeze!

All Trapeze’ are handmade in Bristol by Mike Wright, who has over 50 years experience in Flying Trapeze. 

Our Standard Trapeze: £300 

  • 3 metre wires with 24mm cotton rope
  • Solid steel 560 – 620 mm bar 
  • Hand Spliced onto stainless steel thimbles
  • Sold finished with suede leather and taped bar.

However, all trapezes are fully customisable to your preferences, or we can advise on what might be most suitable for your needs. Customisable options include:

  • Hollow bar option
  • Bar width 
  • Bar tape colour
  • Rope length
  • Colour of leather

Both bar types are also available tapped with removable weights at extra cost. We can also make doubles bars and specific flying trapeze catchers bars.

For more information or to enquire please get in touch at

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